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July 24th 2006



The car's possessed I say. Lost the low speed wipers somewhere in London. Couldn't turn the wipers off at all by Luxembourg. Right front headlight isn't working. Rear turn signals stopped blinking in Germany. Just solid light. And a few hours out of Prague the Marbella picked up a new annoying trait.

After driving at highway speed for awhile, the car dies when decelerating for exit ramps. Seems to happen when both clutch and brake are depressed while still at speed. Hoping to find a Haynes manual from one of the other teams before everyone goes their separate ways. See if we can't scribble down a few wiring diagrams for troubleshooting.

But other than that she drives great. Seems there may be a reason I fried the car stereo a few days ago.

And for those interested, we may be the only American team that made it to Prague. Team Newyorkistan burned up their clutch before getting out of London. Haven't seen either of the Seattle teams. And the guys from MIT went a different route.

Rumor that Team Aspiritus (Pix and Miles) had a crankshaft problem in London and are currently broken down again in Brussels. Also rumored that off 200 rally spots, about 150-170 turned up at Hyde Park for the launch and about 70 made it to Prague last night. Not sure how reliable that information is though.

We're off to Krakow or beyond.


ps. It's so hot, Absinthe was a bad choice.