I'd been in high spirits since being told by the Benz mechanic, "You are like Russian." Though they would never dream of driving a car with a hand clutch they were obviously quite impressed with our handiwork.

Ten years ago we attempted to drive a few exceptionally cheap and remarkably junk cars from London to Ulaanbaatar. We were mostly successful. This is our story.

Remember back before Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, back when people blogged, well this was that time and we were masters. Using the contraption shown to the left, Pocketmail, we were able to type out lengthy, mostly coherent updates while rumbling over the Steppe. For a time, we were even able to post by holding the contraption up to a phone and transmitting through a series of modem screeches and beeps.

Sadly in the late aughts the original site was attacked by what I have to assume was Russian hackers angered over the SEAT. For many years our posts were lost in a massive database failure, inaccessible to a world clamoring for rally knowledge. Through the marvels of modern technology and my ability to copy and paste, I am happy to report we recovered all of the original posts.

I have gone through and remastered with the best of the photos taken by Dominic, Vaughn, Andy, and myself. They are all here for you to skim through looking for pretty pictures. Enjoy with a glass of fermented camel's milk.


A Fiestavus

In 2009, Nathan Hartswick graciously created the above video using our rally footage. It is probably the best anyone could do to portray the rally in a short clip. We entered the video in Ford's Fiesta Movement and claimed one of the 100 spots. For around six months, we drove a Euro Spec Fiesta around the US. We completed some ridiculous missions, created some questionable videos, and helping to launch the Fiesta in the United States.

And now some perspective