Trial by Fire

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July 20th 2006



Jen arrived yesterday and is somewhere in London. We have an address to meet up with her but no real confidence in our ability to find it. Seth's plane was supposed to land at Gatwick about an hour ago. Imagine he's still tied up in customs.

Vaughn and I and the two cars are still in Taunton, roughly 3 hours drive away. We're awaiting delivery of updated, and hopefully correct, insurance documents. Then the test begins. Can we find our way to the hotel? Will the radiators hold? Will the wheels fall off? Will i go insane in London traffic without a radio ?

As yet I haven't driven either of these right-hand-drive automobiles on the road yet. And I wonder how well I'll be able to remember to drive on the left side of the road.

Note: The Seat's electrical system has beaten me thus far. I thought I had a radio wired up yesterday only to watch smoke pour out of it when I turned it on. Decided to pick up a small fire extinguisher during a later trip to the parts store just in case.